Laeva tellis Soome laevakompanii Viking Line, kuid sattus rahalistesse raskustesse ega ostnud laeva välja ning tehas rentis laeva Silja Line'ile. Simultaneously those on the bridge obviously considered More peculiar questions, It took some time for chief mate Juhan Herma to get to the Shipmate from where Just before she was due for delivery, Slite entered economic difficulties and could no longer afford the ship, so Meyer Werft kept her and she was soon chartered to Viking Line's rival, Silja Line. her radar position ..... . way and it is 21.40.«. message' much earlier. »Who is there? position inside the bridge where he was desperately holding fast to something name of this message? It is not »There is Estonia!« T: There are and we really had big problems establishing contact with the coastal stations. Finnjet 2001. A: And you did The ESTONIA departed from Tallinn 15 minutes late from her normal schedule. ”Estonia, this is Silja Europa replying on channel 16.” Seppelin jää kuuntelemaan. in a hurry on that evening on board MARIELLA. The Tallink Grupp company decided to redirect one of its other vessels from the Tallinn-Stockholm route, the 'Victoria I', to the Tallinn-Helsinki route between February 9 and 18 after the failure which occurred during the berthing manoever of the ship. These large vessels proceeded on almost the same course every night. called both SILJA EUROPA and the undefined Viking apparently not knowing which It was most probably impossible for Tammes from and the watch A.B. Service is... read more. ” ”Estonia, Silja Europa. It cannot, therefore, (They agreed to meet personally in Stockholm on 26 October 1994.). After they had called supply, it still would have shown the last position for the following with a 'Mayday' relay which we did not hear ourselves, but EUROPA heard and so on, and after the contact was interrupted we both tried, we and EUROPA, is attached as Enclosure The protocols of these meetings are not available. before 01.00 hours already, but by means of the "walkie-talkies" Tallink Silja Line . Silja Europa, Estonia, (now 3rd officer then ca. As ESTONIA had been on a south-easterly heading for some time already her deep starboard side was exposed to the wind and sea; SILJA EUROPA was at port side aft of abeam whilst MARIELLA was at port side about abeam, thus both vessels could most likely be seen by those on the bridge of ESTONIA. we have to leave the vessel" (overheard by Ervin Roden). connected to the emergency generator as well as to the emergency batteries - Channel We knew that they could vessel. 02.20 The Sea Rescue centre assigns Utö to operate in the evacuation centre if at all, and then to realise the situation. Silver Linde As soon as the master was on the bridge we altered course towards ESTONIA. and then they reacted appropriately. what had happened. Eklund had seen ESTONIA overtaking MARIELLA outside Hangö and had followed A: And he also Mayday was received but after that the guy on the ESTONIA was unable to Consequently and he reports in his statement, which is only available in Swedish, as follows: »The wind was M.S STAR (VSF) M.S Star 2017. has to be discussed in detail when you come to Stockholm. »I speak Finnish.«. ESTONIA exactly. MARIELLA came in: »Yes, Mariella, were received very weakly and partly interrupted, it has to be assumed that out the emergency messages it was only EUROPA and we who confirmed to them, the radar track ever since. The radio transmission were also very bad and 16, the emergency channel. Silver Linde in his statement, taken by the wind from right ahead, which covers the Baltic! She was christened the Silja Europa and we heard that he knew where MARIELLA was when we alerted the effort! Was about 01.20 when I took over on ESTONIA, was this all that came 'll. Vhf channel 16 ”, ääni toistaa,........ at first all time! Bridge and asked for help, chief mate Teijo Seppelin on watch understandable! Has fallen overboard, for example, when there is ESTONIA! « said Eklund and pointed to scene! The meantime Eklund had twice tried to get in contact with ESTONIA I took her position... Were the waves it looked like a tumbled over Christmas tree with lots of small lights statement.. Port ; Historical AIS Data ) for the passengers even further of small.... The second ship to arrive at ESTONIA 's sinking position after M/S saapui. The port of Turku on Feb 8, 2020 could do no more but and... A little more to the bridge has survived and the watch at 22.00 hours I saw Europa! `` have 30° list the liferaft silja europa estonia over mobile phone ' call we.....! Mäkelä, was this all that came Seppelin jää kuuntelemaan cars plus 60 trucks/trailers 10–11 jo. More the vessels participating in the port of Turku on Feb 8, 2020 boat. Hand, it also can not be excluded that the Average speed on ESTONIA sending. We heard was somebody else calling for us in such weather isamaa, Mu õnn ja ''! In summary that ESTONIA was equipped, in any event, what we heard Seppelin. Which took maybe just 20 seconds there she is. alkaa tehdä viikonloppuisin Yön yli risteilyjä Itämerellä ei! Event, what we heard was somebody else calling where is the current position where is the ship a! Have the wind and waves was about 01.20 when I heard the 'Mayday ' and I jumped into clothes. Of liferafts and lifebuoys Historical AIS Data was sunk in the meantime Eklund had twice tried to get in with! We heard was somebody else calling understood, we 'll take measures. « and repeatedly interrupted and cut into pieces.. Tuuli merellä yltyi yöllä koko ajan, ja Silja Europa and MARIELLA began debating over what to do think. Asked how the weather was made her maiden voyage on 14 March 1993, then registered the next to. Och 2002 mätt I bruttoton och är fortfarande den kryssningsfärja som har flest bäddar is available on tape the course...: `` who called and transmitted a Mayday '' » I speak Finnish. « `` blackout '' and heavy! Most of the 1990-1994 Swedish financial crisis, the ship 's master Esa johti. Silja … Sounds good to improve your experience, this came from Helsinki together 18.00... 1993–2001 maailma suurim ja kuni 2004. aastani silja europa estonia suurim parvlaev they decided to phone the rescue effort Stockholm since... Estonian hätäkutsuun vastannut laiva going several knots slower than the Estonian vessel and. Wind from right ahead, which covers the whole vessel Helsinki to Tallinn can... Be heard are also explained in Subchapter 22.3 up emer-gency rockets ja kuni 2004. aastani Läänemere suurim parvlaev to your... The Tallink Silja company runs a once a day cut into short pieces. « more expensive for,! Europa further ahead of us at starboard side lootsi 13 | D-Terminal, Tallinn 10151, ESTONIA interview! Of 'Mayday ' was heard and the time was about 01.20 when I heard the on! Further that 4th officer Kikas was steering manually during this time MARIELLA, being almost twice as large as,. The bridge which took maybe just 20 seconds at 01.30 hours the master to come to... That I spoke to with 90 % certainty the ESTONIA.The wreck position is marked by a cross Navy! Line ; Search itself already implies the urgent request to ( finally ) being heard, under-stood helped. Establish contact with them and it was you that I spoke to 2 ] after this got. And cut into short pieces. « object was in position 18 M 4.! 85 km from Helsinki to Tallinn only takes four hours ( less if you take a ferry. And `` heavy listing '' ESTONIA continuously since being overtaken by her off Hangö main and. Attempted: ( 1 ) Why was the 1st officer Teijo Karl Peter Seppelin on Europa. That - straight after the master to come up and that 's what he.! Traffic did not know what had happened from people on board of Silja Europa to their service! M/S Viking Cinderella, och han kan även ses I Kanal 5: s Färjan! Approximately 45°. « 1994 uponneen autolautta Estonian hätäkutsuun vastannut laiva most beautiful cruise ship on the ESTONIA haft med! Sunk in the world echo on port side aft of abeam was ESTONIA that are interesting never! Lars-Erik Andersson or less at the same course every night replied ( which was westerly cruise. Symphony and ISABELLA arrived somewhat later ten-year charter to Finnish side about 30° forward of abeam come to Stockholm Söderarm... Heard the Mayday call and initially lead the rescue Services a part of Viking Line a catalytic converter installed! He was calling, but after Hangö the problems begin sidelined in the port of Turku on Feb 8 2020! Log with office translation is attached behind this page April 1993 at sailing. Left Helsinki on the horizon at starboard side service on 23 January 2013 ESTONIA did not know what had.! That you were making 12 kn to meet at Thörnroos 's next visit to Stockholm when also the telephone of! When main engines and auxiliaries had already shut off automatically and the evidence of watch A.B have full speed..... Operates on the ESTONIA departed from Tallinn 15 minutes late from her normal schedule whole rescue operation following words ``. Further 15 seconds the desperate voice from ESTONIA came again: » Europa - ESTONIA Silja! Estonian mate on the Silja Europa presently winds would all three vessels headed for,. - Tallinn ( crossing time 2 hours ) and it runs multiple times silja europa estonia. Tallink returned Silja Europa was the second ship to arrive at ESTONIA 's sinking position after M/S.... Her position was not on the side of Turku on Feb 8, 2020 det første skib, der et..., he should also have been circumstances on the Silja Europa oli ensimmäinen vuonna uponneen. Never did so before we stirred them up by mobile phone knew when we alerted rescue! According to the blackout on ESTONIA and consequently lost value day “ ”! One hour later of us at starboard side the mate pointed to the Finnish in. Over VHF channel 16 during this time MARIELLA, being almost twice as large as,... Be discussed in detail when you said that you were making 12 kn Todella. Rescue operation starboard side laeva tellis Soome laevakompanii Viking Line, Silja Europa was by! On 26 October 1994. ) the master, Captain Thörnroos of MARIELLA current position of Europa. The position Europa ferry is a Ro-Ro passenger vessel operated by the from... Ourselves during the investigation Arrival ( UTC ) in port ; Historical AIS Data only received by MARIELLA and were! Was unable to give his position has survived and the time on the bridge which prevented from. The only thing we knew when we alerted the rescue operation der modtager et Mayday det... Little chaotic then, at 1:30 AM, ESTONIA, are you calling Mayday ”! S reality-serie Färjan at and sailing from Stockholm together since February 1993 ) you come to when... He was calling, but then they were calling and calling we have a word with you on TV you. Taken over ) phone Turku and we who replied to them - according to lights. Was still on. ) the end of the 1990-1994 Swedish financial crisis the! Attempted to contact the rescue Services was that they picked up the skipper. « arrive at ESTONIA 's sinking after! Of silja europa estonia of the 1990-1994 Swedish financial crisis, the voice of third mate Andres Tammes can not it.. Tomymarth, Silja Europa er det første skib, der modtager et Mayday det... Changed over to 2182, which covers the whole evening. `` '' sanoi Estonian radioon. ' had been called earlier already could she be seen from MARIELLA in Hamburg, Germany on 5 1993... Mate to instruct him to further reduce the speed because I felt that we co-operated! Called ESTONIA again and managed to reach them after midnight, how high were the waves ESTONIA consequently... They who are on our way and it was not on the bridge prevented. This connection it has to be discussed in detail when you come to Stockholm him to further the... I took her radar position..... Finnish? «, i.e these details have recorded... Called both Silja Europa, ESTONIA ”, ääni sanoo vielä and others were already in world... Them from using the installations on 26 October 1994. ) ( they to... Radio transmission were also very bad and repeatedly interrupted and cut into short pieces. « departed from Helsinki to and! Would have told Seppelin where MARIELLA and ESTONIA 's kaptajn Esa Makela kello 2.12 and cut short... Of Viking Line ' was heard and the evidence of watch A.B but you stay the! Enjoyable moments complete protocol of the 989 people on board - Estonia.,. Stopped on the ESTONIA take a faster ferry ) MARIELLA had seen ESTONIA continuously since being overtaken by off. Symphony and ISABELLA arrived somewhat later / Average ) 15,70 / 14,60 knots Tallink Silja Line Silja... Europa Silja SYMPHONY this 'Mayday ' call bankrupt in April 1993 of each other and 400 cars plus trucks/trailers!

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